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  1. A GetFavorites User Base Favorite Site Within Category Sorry Love, marriage, and relationships can be difficult. Sometimes, all it takes is an apology. this simple form for all Your butt- kissing needs.


  1. 404 Lounge  Creative 404 Pages
  2. Adventure pix Aliens, UFOs, Ufology, Spirits, Demons, Ghosts, Gremlins, Crop Circles, Animal Mutilations
  3. Aha! Jokes 1000's of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio, humor..
  4. Aliens on Earth  Enthusiast's Site an Interesting Mix of the Sensible & the Silly..
  5. Art Cars Some of the Wackiest Cars You'll Ever See
  6. Ask Satan Just Ask & He'll Give You an Answer
  7. Befuddle  Site Dedicated to Drinking Alcohol & Telling Tales
  8. Carrot  The World Carrot Museum, a Real 24 Carrot Gem
  9. Clapping Fetus! Hours of Bizarre Videos, Cartoons, Pictures! Adults Only!
  10. Cock eyed No Matter How Bad Things Are They Can Always Get Worse!
  11. Comedy Zone Jokes, Funny Quotes, Cartoons, Stand-up Comedy..
  12. Darwin Awards The Funniest Site in the World
  13. Dumb Laws  Listing of the Strangest Laws Around the World
  14. Edible Brain Edible Brain is About Evolution of the Human Spirit & Mind
  15. Elbow World R2D2 breast feeding and more, 100% Crazy!
  16. Extreme Elvis Includes Latest Sightings of the King!
  17. Fark A collection of Funny news stories from around the world with Farkers comments and feedback
  18. Fork-You  Strange Spoon Bending Website
  19. Funny Sit back, relax & surf the Internet's Funniest site Funny Dot Com
  20. Funs  Jokes Site from the UK Full of Good Natured Humor
  21. Fuz Face Gallery Stubble, Goatees, Mustaches, & Beards!
  22. Halloween Web The scariest of all halloween Sites This site is only for the brave! you've been warned!
  23. Hangover Cures for the Morning After!
  24. Horror Find The spookiest search engine in the universe
  25. Improbable Archive of Improbable Research
  26. i Wanna be Famous  If You Want Your 15 mins of Fame, email in
  27. I Should Be Famous the site for people who deserve recognition For Free!!!
  28. Mingers  Gallery of Ugly People
  29. Mr Methane  Home Site of the Only Performing Flautist
  30. Net Funny  The Oldest Jokes Pages on the Net
  31. Occultopedia Fascinating Site that Examines Where Natural &  Supernatural Meet
  32. Prawnography  *Warning* Offensive to Seafood Under 18
  33. Rag Dogs  Really Wacky Site About Dogs in Clothes!
  34. Red & Proud  "Ginger's Only Site" Includes the Soon to be Famous Redstock Festival
  35. Snopes Examines Myths with a totally new approach
  36. TES Wacky Food Consumption Society
  37. The Onion  Online Spoof American Newspaper
  38. Totally Absurd  The Other Home of the Weird
  39. Ugly Cars  A Collection of Cars that's Best Forgotten
  40. Weird  The Online Weird Magazine
  41. Whale  The Infamous Exploding Whale Newsreel
  42. Worst Case Scenerios  You Never Know When You Need to Escape Quicksand?
  43. Wacky  Site Explores Wacky Uses for Common Objects


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