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  3. A GetFavorites User Base Favorite Site Within Category Cash Advance 123 Payday cash advance loan - the ideal solution For cash in between paychecks. A payday loan is a small emergency loan that is usually $500 or less. Once you are approved for a loan the money is wired directly to your account within 24 hours.


  1. 500 Fast Cash $500 in your bank account in the next 24 hours - Find out how!!!

  2. Auto Loans Get an automobile loan in one minute flat online at auto loan all applications considered
  3. Bank Rate Comprehensive, Objective Info, Helping You Get The Best Value for Money
  4. Best Rate  Get the Best Rate on Your Mortgage
  5. Bloomberg Comprehensive Coverage of the Stock Markets
  6. Bond Village Your Source for Profitable Bond Ideas
  7. Buy & Hold  Get Quotes, Tips & Good Advice
  8. CNN  The Financial Site of the US Giant, Excellent Resource
  9. Credit & Debt Get a Free Debt Consolidation quote Now! Reduce your credit card debt up to 60%!
  10. Credit Repair Learn proven methods of repairing your credit
  11. Currency Convertor  Convert Any Currency to Any Currency Fast & Simple
  12. Fair Mark Tax Guide for Investors
  13. Financial Aid Lower Your Student Loan Payment by upto 40%! 
  14. First United Group  Guarantee to Find You an Unsecured Major Credit Card
  15. Fool  One of the Best Stocks & Shares Information Sites
  16. Foreclosure the leading online foreclosure source used by Homebuyers and Investors
  17. Full Spectrum Lending Refinance your home to consolidate debt regardless of credit history
  18. In Trade Low cost stocks and shares trading online - $50 risk free trade introduction offer
  19. i Shares  The Easy Way to Own Stocks & Shares
  20. Lexington over 70% of Americans have inaccuracies on their credit reports
  21. Loan Web  All Types of Loans at Very Competitive Rates
  22. Low Cost Lending Great Rates with No Hassle? Click Here!
  23. Morning Star Truly Independent Financial Advise
  24. MSN Money Central Superb Feature Rich Money Site
  25. Mvelopes Personal revolutionary personal budgeting system for the PC & Palm OS
  26. NasDaq  No1 Site for All Your Technology Stocks, Excellent Analysis Features
  27. National Pay Day Loan Need to get away, quick? Get $500 fast vacation cash now!
  28. oando the #1 source of foreign exchange services & online tools
  29. Pay Day City Get Upto $500 Pay Day Advances Next Day
  30. Paypal Make or receive online payments from all major credit and debit cards worldwide
  31. People First  Calculate Your Vehicle Loan Payment 
  32. Private 4 Sale  Discover the Surprising Truth, the Easy Way to Selling Your Home
  33. Smart Money SmartMoney has Hot daily stock and mutual fund recommendations
  34. Stockpoint  Everything You Need to Check &  Buy Stocks
  35. Term  Save 50% to 70% On Term Life Insurance
  36. The Loan Page Searches Different Lenders To Get You The Best Deal
  37. The Street  All the Latest Market News
  38. The Wall Street Journal Subscribe to the wall street journal and get two weeks free subscription
  39. Trading Solutions Financial Analysis & Investment Software
  40. Western Union The Fastest Way to Send Money--Worldwide!
  41. Will Shop Legal Home Wills & Estate Planning
  42. Worth  Got to be Worth a Look with a Name Like Worth?
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Excerpt from Give Yourself Credit
Creditor Direct Strategies

The following is a small excerpt of the creditor direct strategies chapter. Download the Full Kit and learn more about this proven method of restoring your credit.
If you are serious about restoring your credit, creditor-direct work should commence as soon as you see your first set of credit reports. Creditor-direct requires a lot of time and street smarts. You will be dealing with savvy negotiators in powerful corporations. You will often be discouraged, denied, and blamed, but you must not be intimidated. Remember, if you make the same request enough times within any corporation, you will eventually get what you want.

Settling Your Debts
Many times we have been asked, "Can I just delete the negative listing without paying the debt?" In most cases, the question comes from someone attempting to dishonestly escape a financial obligation. While it is true that negative debt listings can be deleted from the credit report - even while the debt remains unpaid - it is also true that these listings stand a good chance of reappearing on the credit file sooner or later. There is a better alternative than attempting to escape the debt.

You can create a true win-win situation by settling the debt with the creditor. It is our experience that the average consumer settles a debt for about 75 cents on the dollar. It is also our experience that a professional negotiator will settle an average debt for about 60 cents on the dollar, including their fee. There is rarely a good reason to attempt your own debt settlement. Creditors will not take you half as seriously as they will take your attorney. Handled properly, you will save time and money by seeking a good attorney to negotiate with your creditors.


Understanding the True Risks and Realities of Overdue Debts
Most consumers overestimate the risk involved with overdue debts. They worry about possible repercussions such as wage garnishment and property seizure by their creditors. When the debt relates to a secured property, such as an automobile or a home, the possibility of repossession is serious, but unsecured debts, such as credit cards and deficiencies are much less pressing.

In fact, very few creditors will push all the way to a garnishment on a relatively small unsecured debt. Garnishment and seizure are a creditor's most terrifying weapons used to collect past due debt, but they are expensive and time-consuming. Even if the creditor went all the way to recover the debt, they probably wouldn't be able to recover enough to offset their collection costs. There is little risk of a creditor taking an unsecured debt past simple collections.

It is important to remember, however, that the creditor would be in his rights to get a garnishment and seize property, even for a small debt. There is some risk of financial reprisals when a debt goes unpaid. Many consumers fold under the perceived strain of unpaid debts. Hundreds of bankruptcies take place in the United States each week for amounts under $5000.

These consumers are so intimidated by their creditors, that they flee to bankruptcy, even though bankruptcy can bring total financial devastation for at least the next ten years. If these same consumers had simply waited, and ignored the threatening letters and telephone calls, they would have realized that their creditors were all bark and no bite. Bankruptcy is the best option for a few consumers, but it is much over-used. And, when a consumer files for bankruptcy, everyone loses - especially the creditors.

The risks of judgments, garnishments, and property seizures must be properly balanced against the likelihood that such drastic collection measures will ever happen. The risks, and the decision to take that risk, are entirely yours if you're in such a position.

Which Debts Can Be Settled?
An unsecured debt is a debt where there is no collateral. Unsecured debts include medical bills, credit cards, department store cards, personal loans, collection accounts, student loans, amounts remaining after foreclosure or repossession, and bounced checks. Most unsecured debts can be settled. But, utility companies generally won't settle for less than the full balance. There are some few creditors, who will never compromise, but most will take a less-than-full payment as settlement in full to close a troublesome account.

Secured, collateralized debts, such as a home or automobile, are another story. If the creditor can simply repossess the property, why should he negotiate? You can often renegotiate a short payment relief with a secured debt, but don't attempt to settle the account while you still possess the property.

Also, the creditor must have a good reason to want to settle. If the account is paid current, and there is no recent history of late payment, it will be difficult to convince the creditor that it is in their best interest to settle. This should not be read as a recommendation that you stop paying your current bills. If you stop paying your current bills, you will almost certainly make your credit situation worse. Perhaps bad credit is not an issue for you at this point and you feel you must stop paying your bills in order to settle them and get back on top of your debt load. If this is the case, you make such a decision at your own risk.

Order the Full Kit and Learn

  • Proven methods of getting the upper hand when disputing with your Creditors.
  • Learn to use settlements to restore your credit.
  • How to phase your approach.
  • A proven template letter to send to your creditors that gets great results.

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