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    About Ebay UK Auctions

    • The vast majority of buyers and sellers on eBay are honest and reliable. Millions of transactions take place every day on eBay without any problem, which makes it one of the safest places to trade on the web. This page outlines some great tips for safe trading, and outlines how eBay can help you in the unlikely event that your transaction does not go smoothly.


    • Research the item you want to buy including the exact model, features and retail price.


    • Read the item description thoroughly and look closely at the photos the seller has provided.


    • If the description is unclear, email the seller and ask questions.


    • Find similar products on the site to compare the selection available. If you're still unsure whether the item is represented correctly, use common sense and wait until another similar item becomes available.


    • Often using a credit card to buy your item could provide insurance cover (check with your credit card issuer for details)

    • Using an online payment service like PayPal can provide additional security. Like PayPal, many online payment services offer protections for eBay purchases.


    • Check with your postage provider about insurance options available, and pay the seller extra to insure the parcel before posting.


    • Consider using an Escrow service where your money is held by a trusted 3rd party giving you time to inspect the item.


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