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    These are a selection of frequently asked questions and Wickes' answers to them.
    Cutting Paving
    What is the easiest way to cut paving slabs to size? I generally try to cut a line around the slabs with a cold chisel and club hammer then split the slabs but they always break wrongly.
    Are battery powered drills really worthwhile? Do they work as well as a conventionally powered drill?
    Exterior Tap
    I want to fit an exterior water tap for the garden. I am told that the tap must incorporate a non-return valve. What is this and how easy is it to fit?
    Fence Posts
    What is the best way to fix new timber fence posts and how deep should they go into the ground?
    Flat Roof
    My felted flat roof has been fine for some twelve years but a leak has developed and one ceiling underneath drips water in wet weather and the plasterboard looks as though it will collapse soon. Can I repair the roof or must I replace all the felt?
    What is the best way of cutting floor tiles?
    Hard Masonry
    I have exceptionally hard masonry and find it almost impossible to drill into it, both indoors and outside. Even my masonry drill bits have little effect and simply get very hot. How can I make this hard task easy again?
    I cannot close my rising main stopcock. It is jammed and I am nervous about using any more pressure to try and close it. What should I do to release it?
    Sealed Units
    One of the sealed glazing units in my two year old windows has got moisture inside it. How can I dry it out again?
    Rather than hack off masses of old tiles in my kitchen can I simply tile over them?
    Timber Decking
    I am about to build a timber deck and have been told to lay polythene sheeting underneath it to stop weeds growing through. Will this work?
    Wickes Brochures
    Is it possible to get the Wickes brochures that I see mentioned in the Wickes booklet sent to me since I live some way from my nearest store.


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