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Tool Bazaar Collectable DIY Books And Antique Tools for Sale Usually a minimum of 40 woodworking tools

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    About Tool Bazaar

    Inchmartine Restorations which was my original company was formed in 1990 where I mainly restored antiques. When after about two years this business started to become established I started to sell antiques and also a few good quality usable woodworking tools. The selling of tools in the shop really took off and I started to produce mailing lists. The tool lists quickly became very popular especially with my emphasis on good quality usable tools.

    In l995 the company Inchmartine Tool Bazaar was formed dealing solely with antique and old woodworking tools. We now are the largest old tool dealers in Scotland and one of the largest in Britain. We produce 4 tool lists a year, still with our emphasis on good usable tools although we do cater for the collector as well. These lists have over 700 tools for sale, many' of them photographed.

    Inchmartine Restorations now solely deals in quality antique furniture and effects mainly pre 1850. We also provide a first class antique furniture restoration service.


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