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Make Friends Online dating & friendship site with a very rich list of features & a friendly atmosphere

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    About Make Friends Online was launched in 2001 as a friendship and dating website with the aim of bringing people together. The founders Martin Bysh and Marcus Hamilton used to live in Paris, and realised it was difficult to meet people when you are strangers in a big city. They decided to start up, and since then, we've grown into an online community with many thousands of members.

    Many people have found love and friendship on the site, we've had marriages and even 'MFO babies', and many of these people are still active members and are happy to chat to newcomers. You can see some of our success stories, letters and comments from users on the
    testimonials page. offers a safe and friendly environment in which you can get in contact with people privately. Members provide rich and detailed profiles and photos which are all reviewed individually by MakeFriendsOnline staff to ensure they are genuine, so you have as much information about other members as possible before you take the step of exchanging contact details or meeting up.

    Many of our members first joined up to find love, and of course, many have! But many have also made friends; as well as chatting online, our members organise get-togethers all the time, in fact there's always at least one every weekend! The core focus of the site is the principle that you normally find partners through friends rather than in nightclubs anyway. Unlike the mercenary 'nightclub' atmosphere on other dating websites, where you usually feel pressured into getting fast results, MakeFriendsOnline prides itself on having a more friendly, laid-back feel, being more like a local bar. is owned by MakeFriendsOnline Ltd, a UK-based company. If you want to sign up, Martin, Marcus or someone else from the Admin team is always on the site, and we're always to answer questions or to say 'hi' to new members!


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