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Capital One Great range of credit card facilities to suit all personal credit conditions

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    About Capital One

    Capital One takes great pride in its involvement in the community. We seek to make a real and long-term difference to communities in and around our areas of operation. To us making a difference means more than just writing a cheque for a good cause. It means making a real commitment and getting involved through a combination of financial and in-kind giving, enthusiastic volunteering support from Capital One employees and collaborations with community partners.
    This commitment has been recognised nationally with Capital One receiving the Business in the Community Award for Excellence - Community Investment Award.

    • Don’t take more cards than you need. The fewer cards you have with you, the quicker you will notice if one is missing.

    • Write down the helpline number. Take the credit card issuer’s emergency helpline number with you and keep this separate from your card with a note of your account number.

    • Report any losses immediately. If you notice that your card is missing contact your card issuer immediately and inform the police. Cardholders can call 24 hours a day.

    • Check your statement. When returning home, diligently check your statements against your receipts to ensure that you recognise all of the transactions. If you find an unfamiliar transaction, notify your card issuer.

    • Take care of unwanted receipts. Don’t carelessly discard receipts from card transactions. Tear or shred any documents relating to your financial affairs.

    • Protect your PIN. Never write down your PIN and don’t disclose it to anybody.

    • Try to keep your card in sight. When making a purchase, keep your card in view at all times. Retrieve the card as soon as the transaction is completed and make sure it is yours.

    • Never sign a blank receipt slip. Draw a line through any blank amount lines that appear above the total amount line.


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