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Accucard Allows customers the exact features they want- not the ones we decide - You know best

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    About Accucard

    Who knows your financial needs better than you?
    Nobody of course! And that is why Accucard was founded in 2000.

    Our belief is that today's demanding and ever changing lifestyles create unique circumstances for each and every one of us. The Accucard approach was created to address those unique circumstances.

    Accucard is the only company that puts the tools for control in your hands, giving you true freedom to design and manage your financial needs, exactly to fit in with your lifestyle and allow you to make smart decisions.

    Accucard's innovation led to the development of revolutionary personalisation and pricing technology. This allows each and every cardholder to have a unique set of card features based upon who they are and what they want.

    Our unique and fair pricing is based upon each person's credit history, to help determine the most appropriate terms for you, which you can then customise using our unique CardBuilder™ application.

    CardBuilder™ gives you the freedom to choose what's important to you, and trade off features you may not want... and don't pay for.

    But what's very different is that you can continue to make smart decisions, time and time again to re-define your features just the way you want them, keeping up with your lifestyle and financial needs.

    Customer centric
    Our team at Accucard are passionate about upholding what is important to each and every individual. We strive to provide customer service that goes beyond the traditional boundaries. It's more a way of life here.

    Accucard's team are a group of highly motivated individuals, combined together from many major financial, technology and customer facing institutions around the world, all aligned to the notion of providing you with the highest levels of service and a great customer experience.

    Re-define the way you think
    One of our key challenges is to re-define the culture surrounding the credit market. The days of aspiring to mass-produced gold or platinum cards are numbered. What is more important is that you the customer, are getting what's right for you.

    This is why every Accucard cardholder is "smart", because you know what's right for you... your own card features, account management, rewards and even down to choice of design.

    Accucard doesn't just offer a selection of cards. We believe colour plays a major role in all our lives, influencing personal moods and feelings on the inside, and speaking volumes on the outside.

    Want to know
    what your favorite colour says about you?

    Accucard are on a continual improvement programme, always looking for new innovative ways to improve your customer experience and add value. We look forward to receiving feedback from you, to ensure we're moving in the right direction.


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