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    Why choose Tiscali Broadband?

  1. High Speed Internet access up to 10 times faster than a normal 56k modem. This enabling much faster downloading which means web pages appear almost instantly. It is great for watching video clips and downloading MP3 and also lets you send and receive large email attachments with ease.

  2. Permanent connection - Once you are logged on with Tiscali Broadband the PC is online until the PC is turned off again. To log on you simply open your web browser and the PC will connect in the background - similarly, if you open your email application you will connect to the Internet automatically and stay connected until you shut the computer down.


  4. Cost - Tiscali Broadband is charged at a flat monthly fee no matter how long you stay online or how much you download.


  6. Talk & Surf at the same time - Broadband enables both telephone calls and your permanent Internet connection to operate on the same phone line simultaneously. This means that there is no longer any need for any users to have two lines - one for Internet and one for voice and fax calls (doing away with two line rentals!). This is achieved by plugging a filter into all phone sockets that are to be used allowing voice and Internet at the same time.


  8. Send and receive emails almost instantly - even with large attachments.

  9. Tiscali's services are outstanding, both in quality AND price!... the reason is simple; these services are marketed through the power of 'word-of-mouth promotion or advertising - people talking to people giving their recommendations. If they were not outstanding in their quality and priced to sell, people simply wouldn't recommend them.

    Tiscali UK is part of Tiscali SpA., headquartered in Cagliari, Italy and is one of the largest and fastest-growing Internet communication companies in Europe, providing access, content, applications and services to over 20 million registered users. With its presence in 14 countries, Tiscali has the largest geographical footprint of any European Internet provider. Tiscali's is committed to delivering low-cost telephone services and fast and reliable internet access via value for money access packages that are designed to meet everyone's internet and telephony needs. In 18 months, Tiscali has become Europe's third largest internet communications company, and the first company in European internet history to be profitable.

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