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My E-Trust Internet Security Software that is effective, Easy to Use & affordably priced

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    About My E-Trust is a new initiative undertaken by Computer Associates (CA), to provide security solutions based on world class, enterprise strength technology - in a form suitable for use in the consumer and small business marketplaces.

    We've been at this a while...

    CA through its eTrust product line, has quietly become the industry's #1 supplier of eBusiness security solutions.

    The eTrust security solutions secure a vast range of platform types, ranging from hand held computing devices, through desktops and servers, all the way up to IBM mainframe systems. We have a long and distinguished history of providing award-winning, enterprise-class security solutions to our customers, who include the Global 2000, and major governments throughout the world.

    It's from that legacy of excellence that the products and services have been proudly derived.

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