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    Includes product reviews marked as follows:

    Performance: Basically this category speaks for itself, how well the unit performs.

    Supportability: This one really deals with how useful is the support from the manufacturer, ie support site, speed and quality of responses to email support questions. As to the unit being tested, how good are the logs (for routers) and manuals that come with the units.

    Ease of Use/Configuration: Again this is generally pretty self explanatory, how easy is it for a user (not a sysadmin, a novice to intermediate user) to pull this out of the box and install it. How good are the documents, are there any quirks associated with installing this piece of hardware etc..

    Features: As to features, this category measures how useful the features the piece being tested are as well as giving marks for features that are useful. If we test a piece of hardware we also look at its competition and if there are industry standard features that this unit doesn't have, marks will be deducted.

    Personal: Marks in this category are based solely on the tester. It all has to do with the general overall impression of the piece of equipment being tested. Let's say its blazing fast, great support site, all kinds of features, fairly easy to configure and install, but it might have some quirks which aren't measured, or it looks and feels cheap then this category will chances are reflect that. 

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