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    Kaspersky Labs is an international software-development company offering advanced products for protection against viruses, hackers and spam. Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Labs operates offices in Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States (CA), Japan, Poland and China. Kasperksy Labs has a well-stablished partners network operating in over 500 countries. The company consists of 250 highly qualified specialists, among whom 10 hold MBA degrees, 16 Ph.D. degrees, and 2 are members of the prestigious Computer Anti-virus Researchers Organization (CARO).

    Unique Experience and Knowledge

    For fourteen straight years we have waged battle against computer viruses, allowing us to gain unique knowledge and skills that together represent our most valuable asset. Today all users have free access to the world's most comprehensive virus information resource, the Kaspersky® Virus Encyclopedia (www.viruslist.com). The Encyclopedia is updated weekly and contains detailed information about computer viruses from the moment they appear.

    Our in depth experience permits us to foresee developing virus trends and to develop protection for customers in advance. This unique quality has become a fundamental part of Kaspersky Labs products and services and enables us to always stay one step ahead of the competition and to provide out customers with the cutting-edge technologies.


    Kaspersky Labs, through hard work and dedication has become a technology leader in the development of virus defenses. Kaspersky Labs was the first to develop many technological standards in the anti-virus industry including full-scale solutions for Linux, Unix and NetWare, a second-generation heuristic analyzer designed to detect unknown viruses, effective protection against polymorphic and macro viruses, anti-virus database micro updating and the ability to search for viruses in compressed, as well as archived files.

    Kaspersky Labs' fundamental product, Kaspersky® Anti-Virus, controls all possible virus penetration points to stand-alone computers, workstations, file servers, Web servers, e-mail systems, firewalls and handheld computers. Convenient management features give the opportunity to maximize the anti-virus defense of computers and corporate networks alike.

    Clear affirmation of the high quality of Kaspersky Labs products is the numerous victories of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus in comparison tests conducted by renowned computer publications and independent research centres, as well as positive reviews by leading information technology security experts. Additionally, many well-known data protection software developers have chosen the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus kernel to drive their very own products, including Nokia ICD (USA), F-Secure (Finland), Aladdin (Israel), Sybari (USA), G Data (Germany), Deerfield (USA), Alt-N (USA) and Microworld (India).

    High-end Security Technology

    Contemporary malicious programs are complex, multi-functional systems deeply integrated with the Internet. Traditional anti-virus methods are no longer enough to ensure reliable defense against external threats. In response, Kaspersky Labs developed a personal firewall - Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker, and a unique spam filtration system designed for small and medium size business - Kaspersky® Anti-Spam. These products received the full benefit of our vast experience and expertise. The combined usage of our products achieves the maximum level of protection against viruses and other external data security threats.


    Kaspersky Labs provides customers with a wide spectrum of services guaranteeing continuous trouble-free operation of our products and which precisely match their specific requirements. Round-the-clock technical support and daily anti-virus database updates ensure easy maintenance. Organizations and enterprises benefit from consulting services facilitating the design, implementation and maintenance of needs-specific anti-virus solutions.


    Kaspersky Labs products enjoy popularity across all user groups. The company provides data security software ranging from products for home users to enterprise network security systems. Our clients include many large international government and commercial organizations such as La Poste (France), Airbus (France), Stemcor (UK), Golden Telecom (Russia), Central Bank of Russia, National Security Bureau of Poland, Education Ministry of France, Foreign Ministry of Italy, BBC Worldwide (UK), Italy Telecom Mobile, Faber-Castell (Germany), France Telecom and Reebok Australia.


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