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Hush Mail Send & Receive Encrypted e-mail, Java Enabled Service And POP3 Email Retrival

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    About Hush Mail

    Hush uses industry standard algorithms as specified by the OpenPGP standard (RFC 2240) to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your email. With Hushmail, users need only create and remember their own passphrases, and the secure Hushmail server does the rest. Encryption and decryption are transparent to the user, making Hushmail the most user-friendly secure mail solution available. Through the Hush Encryption Engine™, the Hush key servers take care of Public/Private key exchange in a completely seamless fashion. When a user wishes to encrypt/decrypt data or verify/sign a signature, a connection is automatically made to a Hush Key Server to retrieve the necessary Public/Private Key. It's that simple! Only Hush's solution provides such a high level of security combined with total ease of use. The descriptions below will give you an overview of how the Hush system secures email.

    2,048 bits of random numbers are converted into a pair of keys -- one private key and one public key. (What the public key locks, the private key unlocks, and vice-versa.) Every Hush user will have his or her unique pair of encryption keys. The user's passphrase encrypts and decrypts the user's private key so that no one but the user ever has access to it. Not even Team Hush.


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