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    About Free Anti-Virus Software

    OpiStat is a European Research Institute whose goal is to understand consumer needs and opinions better.

    OpiStat measures Internet usage anonymously and surveys participants according to their profiles and online habits. Our surveys are short and rewarded. With OpiStat, the Internet evolves through you. Join the OpiStat Program today and immediately download a top rated anti-virus software for FREE!

    Register today in the OpiStat Program and we will offer you Norman Virus Control* an award winning anti-virus software, including free continuous updates and e-mail support with a retail value of 41.

    For the past thirteen years Norman has been protecting computers from an aggressive variety of malicious intruders. Known for its ability to identify and repair viruses, Norman has received a total of sixteen 100% Virus Bulletin Awards.

    Join over 12 million satisfied customers worldwide today!


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