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    About Ebuyer

    At Ebuyer we're more than a competitive online reseller of brand name computers and computer peripherals. We focus on all of the things that are of interest to our customers, not only in saving you money but also in saving you time.

    We appreciate that people don't have time to wait at the end of a phone when it's possible to achieve their goal online, that's why we have invested time in building a website that allows our customers to completely manage their account without our intervention.

    We believe that our customers know what's best for them and what they need to achieve it, that's why we empower our customers with exactly the same tools that an Ebuyer.com employee has to manage their account. By allowing our customers a high level of self service we enable ourselves to concentrate on building more functionality into the site and keep our prices competitive without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

    Whatever product or service you are looking for, Ebuyer will strive to provide it.


    In 1991 Paul Cusack placed an advert in the local newspaper for some second user equipment he had acquired from a previous business venture. In only a few days he had received floods of phone calls and could have sold his equipment ten times over.

    Over the next 7 years Choice Peripherals Ltd. was to become one of the largest mail order resellers in the UK, of computers and computer related equipment with over 200,000 satisfied customers. During this 7 year period, Paul also capitalized on an opportunity within the ISP market and built Plusnet Technologies within the space of 2 years to over 300,000 subscribers. The two companies were so successful that Choice and Plusnet Technologies were acquired by overseas computer company Insight Enterprises Incorporated (www.insight.com) in April 1998.

    It was at this point that Paul decided to leave Insight and create ebuyer:

    "The knowledge and experience of running a mail order company and a high tech Internet Service Provider has allowed me to create something unique to the UK market. By utilizing the latest internet applications and technologies we are able to create a whole new exp erience for UK consumers and businesses that buy over the internet".

    By focusing our efforts on key areas, we believe that we have the right ingredients to satisfy the experienced internet buyer as wel l as the new e-commerce consumer.

    Specifically we offer our customers:

    • Comprehensive product information and availability on over 15,000 products

    • Customer self service

    • Customer specific pricing agreements

    • Branded computers and peripherals at competitive prices

    With our customers interests and requirements behind all of our innovations and developments Ebuyer will become one of the UK's leading e-commerce sites.


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