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    About Amanda Kiss

    Hi I'm Amanda Kiss. I'm on a mission!!

    I, with the dedicated help of my team, am going to kick the sex industry into action!

    My generation's crying out for it. We're young. We're stylish. We're seriously sexy - so tell my why porn and the sex industry still looks like something out of a greased up Swedish strip joint??!! It's about time to overhaul. Get the industry into this century. Start making porn and toys for stimulation, masturbation, all-round gratification!!!

    So, unashamed, loud and proud, we've got to business. We've put together the most tantalising website, where you can explore the world of seriously sexy toy's - everything that'll make you go 'mmm'. All my favourites, everything that's been recommended to me and things I've brought back from my travels around the world in one place. It's hot heaven!


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