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Executives Online Need an Executive in a hurry? Exclusive interim management since 1992

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    About Executives Online

    Why choose Executives Online for Interim Management?

    An approved register of 3500 interim management professionals available now with experience in all management functions and industries.

  1. Blue Chip clients including: BMW, BNFL, British Aerospace, British Energy, British Gas Transco, Brook Hospital, Dage Precision Industries, Engineering Training Authority, HomeDirectory.com, IBM, IMI, London Electricity, MOD, MTS (Cisco Service Provider), NCVQ, PowerGen, Springfix, Tunstall Telecom, Westinghouse Electronics.

    Quality, confidentiality, and experience assured: Executives Online Interim Management is a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and the Association of Online Recruiters — guardians of the highest ethical standards for online UK recruitment agencies, and of the Institute of Management Consultancy — promoting excellence in management consultancy.

    Close collaboration with clients to develop a detailed interim management project definition prior to implementation.

    Risk Sharing — so convinced are we that our interim executives will deliver results, we welcome performance-related fees and risk-sharing ventures. Exclusively interim management since 1992.

    Industry Authority: Executive Online Interim Management's managing director Norrie Johnston is chair of the Institute of Management Consultancy's Interim Management Special Interest Group.


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