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    About Career Demon

    CareerDemon is a computerised guidance expert that gives you a clear and accurate view of your career potential, using top-quality professionally-designed psychological assessment techniques. It uses special methods to ensure a consistent high standard of assessment and reporting, and gives you direct and private access to information about yourself that otherwise you would have to pay a great deal for at a careers guidance agency.

    Sample CareerDemon reports are available to view, based on real users' data.

    CareerDemon has been designed by Britains's most prolific and experienced psychometric design team, under the leadership of Dr Steve Blinkhorn, the most frequently quoted authority in the UK on psychometric testing and the author of the most innovative assessment products in recent years (Financial Times). It assesses your aptitudes, your career interests, your command of English, your preferences with regard to working conditions, and a variety of reasoning skills. Then it produces a report giving you a detailed rundown on your test performance and suggesting career options that match your abilities and preferences.

    To use it, you need a PC running Windows95, Windows98, Windows NT4.0 or Windows 2000 and an Internet connection, with about 2 MBytes of free disk space. A Linux version is coming soon.

    You do the assessments one at a time, off-line so you don't spend a fortune on phone calls. As you finish each one, you connect briefly to the Internet, and our system collects your answers and processes them. Then it chooses the next assessment activity for you and downloads it. Expect to spend between 3 and 5 hours in total on the assessment tasks.

    When you have completed them, you decide whether you want a report, containing a detailed description of how you did, and recommendations of careers you should probably consider. Our database contains matching details for over 700 different jobs.


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