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    About KMS Internet

    How good are the Tiscali services, and are they competitively priced?

    Tiscali's services are outstanding, both in quality AND price!... the reason is simple; these services are marketed through the power of 'word-of-mouth promotion or advertising - people talking to people giving their recommendations. If they were not outstanding in their quality and priced to sell, people simply wouldn't recommend them.

    Simply put, the better the quality of service and the lower the price that Tiscali can offer its Customers, the more people recommend them... and the more Customers Tiscali gets.

    How does Smart Talk work?

    Smart Talk service works through a system called Carrier pre-selection. This allows Smart Talk to become the default carrier of your phone calls over your exiting BT line by reprogramming your local BT Exchange. This means that you can simply pick up the phone and dial without the need to remember any prefix codes or equipment to install.

    Can anyone get the  Broadband?

    Approximately 70% of UK homes are currently on Broadband enabled telephone exchanges and the coverage is expanding.

    To check if you can receive Broadband you have to first put their telephone number into a line checker as part of the registration process.

    Why should I join your home business affiliate program?

    We believe we can offer you the best support in starting up and growing your home based business, our leg of Tiscali is growing at one of the fastest rates and the support team includes online and offline networking experts.


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