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    About DSL Warehouse

    With all our services, you’ll find that Bulldog offers a best value solution
    And to make it even more cost effective, Bulldog enables you to specify the right package to suit your usage - whether you need your chosen bandwidth just during off-peak hours (
    PrimeTime), at constantly 24-7 (AllTime). Depending on your location, the AllTime 1, 2 and 4 Mbps services are available with an attractive 40:1 contention ratio.  That's 20% better than the industry standard (50:1).

    If you need the highest quality connection, Bulldog
    BizTime packages provides a business-class service at an outstanding 20:1 contention ratio. And now on all broadband services, Bulldog offers an 0845 local rate dial-up service for back-up -if ever required - as standard. The full number is 0845 123 2400

    *If you do not require a free modem, Bulldog is offering the option of a free month's service. Alternatively, for just a small fee you can purchase a USB/Ethernet combo modem router.
    **Dependent on your location. Please check via the availability checker to view charge applicable.


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