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    About Tesco Books

    Tesco.com is an Internet version of your local Tesco supermarket, only much, much bigger! Because we are on the Internet, we can offer you more choice and more products than we could fit in a supermarket - and we will even deliver them to your door. You still enjoy all of the benefits of shopping in your local store with the highest quality products, the best service, and low prices - and yes, you still earn Clubcard points with every purchase.

    Shopping with Tesco.com

    Don't worry, it's quite easy to find your way around Tesco.com once you know how!

    Remember that the site is much more than a grocery store. You can move between different stores from the Tesco.com home page (www.tesco.com) - simply click on the top navigation bar for the store you wish to visit.

    Use the links along the top of the page to move to important locations on the site, e.g. registration, homepage, help page, checkout, your shopping basket and your order history.


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