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  1. History Bookshop.com is the product of a small number of people who work in the UK book trade and who are passionate about history. We've been kicking around the idea of starting up a specialist bookshop for history lovers for years now; first we thought it should be 'bricks and mortar', then 'clicks and mortar', and now we've just gone for the 'clicks' bit. But who knows, the 'bricks' may follow.

    The received wisdom in the book trade is that people who buy history books tend to focus or one or two specialist sectors - military history, roman history and the like. Our view is different, we think that if you love reading and talking about history you're likely to want to range far and wide in your reading and interests, after all, isn't trying to join up all the loose ends part of the fun?

    We don't limit our interest to the academic discipline of History, our interests range across art, travel, literature, archaeology - you name it! And this diversity of interest is what we'd like History Bookshop.com to reflect: an informative and stimulating bookshop for enthusiasts.

    So what is different about History Bookshop.com, beyond the fact it focuses on history? Well, you'll notice very quickly if you play around with the search options, that you don't just get lists of books on our site, you also get lots and lots of information. We present this information in many different ways, in the form of events listed on your search results page, or year views where we present all the events we have in our database for a single year, or in the form of Timelines. We have worked hard on the Timeline feature and we hope you will find them informative and provocative, especially in the way we have juxtaposed a wealth of diverse material. To all this we add cultural and social information that we think will spark further interest. Articles, features, quizzes, newsletters complete the picture, at least for now.

    We've set ourselves a daunting task: to range across world history and culture, and to present it informatively and in a format that is easily accessible and relevant to your needs, and then to link it all to the tens of thousands of books we offer. Clearly, we have a long way to go before we can say our coverage is comprehensive - we are talking about, well, pretty much everything - so please bear with us. We're starting from a very Anglo-centric and Euro-centric base, but you have to start somewhere. We would welcome your views on where we should go next and how we should develop the site.

    Thank you for reading this far, for sharing some of our enthusiasm and for coming to the site; we hope you enjoy it.


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