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    About CQ OUT

    What makes CQout different from many other auction-sites is that they've built in security features from the very beginning. While anyone can browse the site, users must register with a credit card before buying or selling. CQout runs a small local charge through the credit card to validate the card.

    "We know that this put a some potential users off, and indeed fraudsters, but those that elected to enter their details knew that they would be joining a secure, trustworthy trading community. Time proved us right."

    The small registration fee (or equivalent local currency) goes to one of CQout's partner charities, specified by the user. The fee enables the company to validate the credit card in real time. CQout does not allow user names to change once they have been set up and associated with a specific address and credit card. If a user accumulates three negative ratings, CQout suspends them from trading and investigates further.

    Sellers on CQout can choose two main listing options, auctions or fixed-price method. Conventional auctions last anywhere from 1-21 days. An autorepeat feature allows for automatic relisting of auctions a further five times using the same parameters and duration as the initial listing. CQinstant is a fixed-price option where the listing remains for 1 month or until sold.

    CQout accepts bulk uploads in a variety of formats. It offers an escrow service (CQescrow) and instant sale facilities (CQinstant), and several back-end tracking, management and security tools.

    CQout has users in 39 countries and plans to further develop its user base in the U.S. both for U.S./UK transactions and U.S./U.S. transactions.

    Users can place and view auctions in their home currency, so having items listed and viewed in U.S. dollars is not a problem, Newton said. "As a generalist site, which is gaining a reputation in specialist categories such as movie memorabilia, we encourage traders to use us as an additional shop window for their merchandise, which may also appear on their own Web sites and other auctions."


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