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Site Submission Frequently Asked Questions

We have included some of the more frequently asked questions about submitting a site to GetFavourites.

General Submission Questions

Criteria & Site Integrity Questions Payment & Billing Questions


General Submission Questions
Q. When will my site be added if it is accepted?
A. GetFavourites provides the most inexpensive, high quality and fast listing available on the Internet. If your site is approved it will be added and searchable within the GetFavourites directory within 5 days of the initial submission time. Our system may take a few minutes to properly update the online index, however changes are usually immediate.
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Q. Does GetFavourites accept all sites?
A. No, we cannot guarantee that any particular website will be accepted. Our site submission guidelines ensure that we do not add sites with objectionable or unoriginal content. All submission fees for declined sites are fully refunded.
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Q. Do I have to pay if my site is declined?
A. No, GetFavourites fully refunds all submission fees when a site is declined. Our initial review process ensures that if your site is declined, you will be notified and your submission fees fully refunded within 5 working days.
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Q. If a site is declined, may I resubmit it at a later time?
A. Yes! We encourage site owners to address any problems stated in their initial review and resubmit their site to us. We fully refund all submission fees when a site is declined, so you won't be taking any risks by submitting to us. Our comprehensive review process is thoroughly objective and reviews a site based on its current conditions and contents.
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Q. I cannot locate a category that fits my site, where will it be placed?
A. GetFavourites is a relatively new directory and has been built from the ground up, not borrowed from existing directories. If you cannot find the proper category for your site, don't worry. We research each site that is submitted to us and if necessary, create the correct category path structure for your site when it is added.
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Q. I cannot submit my site. When I try, it says that the GetFavourites site quota has been reached. What do I do?
A. For the day that you are trying to submit your site, we have already reached the maximum number of site submissions that we can efficiently handle and still review and accept or decline all sites in queue within 24 hours. There may be times when the GetFavourites Editors have completed the lot of sites submitted for that day and may allow more orders to be placed on that day, however this is not a guarantee. Your best bet is to check back a few hours later, or to submit your site the next day when our site queue restarts. We restart our daily queue at 12:00 AM GMT each day. We apologize if this causes any delay in your submission, but we have found that staying ahead of submissions allows us to offer the fastest listings in the industry at the lowest price, while not getting backlogged like many other search engines.
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Criteria & Site Integrity Questions
Q. What criteria does GetFavourites look for when reviewing sites?
A.  A brief breakdown of what we look for is high-quality and informative websites that offer web surfers and customers valuable, relevant, and original information, products, or services in a way that is visually appealing, easy to understand, and easy to navigate.
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Q. Can I submit my affiliate site?
A. Yes affiliate sites are welcomed at GetFavourites
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Q. Can I submit different pages of my site to other categories on GetFavourites?
A. We do allow multiple pages from a single domain to be submitted. However, each site that is submitted is reviewed separately and must provide a substantial amount of original content to the category to which it is being submitted. Each site is reviewed independently and given separate descriptions, so each category you would like to submit to is treated as a new, separate submission.
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Q. Can I submit the same site to multiple categories?
A. We place each site in the correct category and give a description that fits that category. If you have another page from your site that fits into another category you can submit that page and our editors will review that page and its contents, giving it a description that fits the new category being submitted to. See "Can I submit to other categories?" above.
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Payment & Billing Questions
Q. Is my payment to GetFavourites safe and secure?
A. Yes. GetFavourites is dedicated to protecting and keeping your information safe while it is transferred over the Internet to us. GetFavourites uses WorldPay to collect UK payemnts, WorldPay is one of the most trusted internet payment systems available online.
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Q. My site was declined. When will I get my money back?
A. When a site is declined, refunds are usually credited immediately, however the credit may take several business days to show up on your credit card statement.
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Q. What methods of payment are accepted?
A. WorldPay accepts Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard & American Express credit cards as well as Switch and Solo debit cards as payment. They  process all card orders instantly and your will receive an electronic receipt , if your site is not accepted for inclusion, you will receive a full refund.
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Q. Who do I contact if I have a problem with billing?
A. If you have a billing concern, please visit contact us at . Your requests and concerns are very important to us; we will make every attempt to ensure proper resolution of any problems.
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