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The Policy

The Get Favourites family of sites respects your right to privacy. We understand the sensitive nature of privacy issues and we will try to ensure that your confidentiality is protected.

Our privacy policy is detailed below and we ask that you to read it in full. You can use any of our sites without revealing any personal information. 

Privacy Policy for our Sites

We will never share personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, and telephone) that you provide about yourself through our website without your express permission. Further, we doe not and will not store this personally identifiable information about you unless you specifically request that we do so. It is not necessary to identify any contact details about yourself when using any of our websites

1. Information you provide to us.

The only time we require customer registration details is when a customers wishes to be included in the favourites index, request for advertising or recommending sites. This service cannot be offered without first receiving some contact information such as your email address.

2. How the information is used.

We use this information about you to contact you in response to your  enquiry or comment.

3. With whom information is shared.

If you voluntarily provide your name, address, and telephone number to GetFavourites this information is not passed on to any third-party.

4. User Statistics

During your use of our site, we may collect demographic data. This is just used to identify how many people are accessing our site, and which browsers they are using, which page is the most popular and so on. The information cannot personally identify you and is only used to help us provide a better service.

5. Coverage

This policy applies to our all our URL's  detailed above.

6. Third-Party Relationship

You will find direct links on our site to other web sites. These sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy and if you have any concerns that a site to which we have a direct link is not practicing an acceptable policy please contact them directly.

7. Security

GetFavourites has security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of customer data under our control. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of the data will not occur, we promise to do our utmost to prevent against any such occurrences.

Please Contact us if you have any questions about our policy:




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