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  1. A GetFavourites User Base Favourite Site Within Category Sorry Love, marriage, and relationships can be difficult. Sometimes, all it takes is an apology. this simple form for all butt-kissing needs, 100% Success rate.


  3. A GetFavourites User Base Favourite Site Within Category The Turds Buying a Turds product couldn’t be easier gaze at the beautiful Turd gifts available for you to buy.

  1. Alien Abductions There Really are Some Strange People in the World

  2. Ask Satan Just Ask & He'll Give You an Answer

  3. Bagpuss Recommended by DB in Cardiff, He's 26 Years Young!

  4. Befuddle  Site Dedicated to Drinking Alcohol & Telling Tales

  5. Bizarre Bazaar  Collection of Very Funny Images, Adverts & Greetings

  6. Bullies Reunited Spoof of the Famous Friends Site

  7. Cheesy Elephant Bob is an Elephant Made of Cheese....

  8. Clapping Fetus! Hours of Bizarre Videos, Cartoons, Pictures! Adults Only!

  9. Clangers  Home Site That's Out of this World!!!!

  10. Cock eyed No Matter How Bad Things Are They Can Always Get Worse!

  11. Darwin Awards  Simply the Funniest Site

  12. Death Clock  Answer the Questions & it Will Predict Your Time Left!!

  13. Dog King the house of the barking lords ??

  14. Dumb Laws  Listing of the Strangest Laws Around the World

  15. Excuses We all need an excuse now & again, Excuses helps you get away with it!

  16. Extreme Elvis Includes Latest Sightings of the King!

  17. Fark A collection of Funny news stories from around the world with Farkers comments and feedback

  18. Favourite Ring Tones SMS Jokes & Wind-Ups, Celebrity Voicemails

  19. Fork-You  Strange Spoon Bending Site

  20. Funs Jokes Site for the UK Full of Good Natured Humour

  21. Halloween Web The scariest of all halloween Sites This site is only for the brave! you've been warned!

  22. Hangover Cures for the Morning After!

  23. Horror Find The spookiest search engine in the universe

  24. I Should Be Famous the site for people who deserve recognition For Free!!!

  25. League Of Ladies Spoofing The League of Gentlemen Top Site!

  26. Mingers Gallery of Ugly People ,Check the Minger's Shop!

  27. Mr Methane  Home Site of the World's Only Performing Flautist

  28. My Little Tony  Your Chance Question Mr Blair :)

  29. Occultopedia Fascinating Site that Examines Where Natural & Supernatural Meet

  30. Patent  The Strangest Patents in the World, All True!!!

  31. Phone Joker Wind up a friend, work colleague or anyone, listen in to the prank call!!

  32. Red & Proud Ginge's Only Site, Includes the Soon to be Famous Redstock Festival

  33. Silly Jokes The Parties Here, Wigs, masks, fancy dress, practical jokes.. delivered fast

  34. SMS Jokes Send a Joke? SMS Text, displays as Guess Who?, Some are Offensive (Adult)

  35. Snopes Examines Myths with a totally new approach

  36. TES Wacky Food Consumption Society

  37. The Onion  Online Spoof American Newspaper

  38. The Phone Joker Wind up a friend, work colleague or anyone, listen in to the prank call!

  39. The Spark  Take a Test Online, Are U???

  40. Totally Absurd  The Other Home of the Weird

  41. Truck Pics  An Amazing Collection of Truck Pictures, Phewwwww

  42. Ugly Cars  A Collection of Cars That's Best Forgotten

  43. Ugly Footballers  Rich, Famous, Fit & Talented But Still Ugly!!

  44. Weird  The Weird Magazine

  45. Whale  The Infamous Exploding Whale Newsreel

  46. Worst Case Scenerios You Never Know When You Need to Escape Quicksand

  47. Wacky Site Explores Wacky Uses for Common Objects


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