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  1. Collections


  3. 3D Flags features 3D animated waving flags from all over the world
  4. Anim Factory Animated Gifs Galore
  5. Clip Art  1000's of Images to Download for Free

  6. Cool Fonts A Whole Web Library of New & Interesting Fonts

  7. London Stills  Images & Photos of London

  8. Route Finders A collection of Free to Use  internet route finders, interactive maps & Travel Guides

  9. Education & Training


  11. Beginners Online IT Training With 100's of Free Tutorials

  12. Bristol Grammar School The finest teaching & learning facilities

  13. Lifelong Learning extensive resources for adult education, Features sections on funding, government programs, outreach projects, educational policy, and more

  14. Open University Home of the UK's Most Popular University

  15. Wanna Learn Ask the Question, & Get the Answer, Simple




  3.   Encyclopedia & Dictionaries


  5. Bartleby   Enormous Site Covering Many Topics
  6. Britannica.Com Free, Easy to Use, & Undeniably Comprehensive & Well Respected
  7. Dictionary  Brilliant, Resource for Letter Writing Inspiration

  8. Encarta  Massive Online Encyclopedia & Dictionary

  9. One Look  Gives you the Meaning of Any Word

  10. Thesaurus  An Excellent Resource for When You're Truly Stuck for Words

  11. What is?  A Technology Encyclopedia Online


  13. Languages


  15. BBC The Languages Section of the BBC's Excellent Education Site

  16. ELC  English Language Courses in the English Language School

  17. Fodors Teaches You Key Phrases of the Most Common Topics

  18. Free Translation Translation Tool  to Get the "Gist" of Foreign  Text & Web Pages

  19. Transparent Test Your Linguistic Ability with the Interactive Online Test 


  21. Maps & Guides


  23. 192  Find Numbers, Addresses, Ariel Photos! & More
  24. Bed & Breakfast UK Guide to Hotels & Guest Houses Offering B&B Accommodation
  25. Digi Guide Download a Free 30 day trial of the Ultimate TV Guide See every channel in detail on your PC
  26. Easy Map Select Your country superb map site
  27. G & H London Property Company with Local Area Information & Lifestyle Magazine
  28. Get Mapping Most Detailed Aerial Photos of the UK, the Millennium Map
  29. Love 2 Dine  Fully Comprehensive Guide & Directory of the Top UK Restaurants
  30. Maporama Going Somewhere? Get a Map
  31. Metro Planet A Guide To Metros & Underground Train Systems Worldwide
  32. Multi Map Route Finder & Information Centre, Excellent Website
  33. Mr And Mrs Smith the definitive guide to the most stylish places to stay in the UK and Ireland
  34. Nature in Art  Activity Days for Kids During the Holidays
  35. Ordnance  Home Site of the Ordnance Survey  
  36. Route Finders UK Route finders, maps, travel guides and holiday web sites
  37. Street Map Wow! Down to the Last Turn! Give it a Try
  38. The Train Line  Tickets, Timetables, Routes in One Site
  39. The Tube  This Site is Going Underground Soon
  40. UK Events  Get the News on the Latest Gigs & Events in the UK
  41. Yell  Yellow Pages into the 21st Century
  44. Question & Answer


  46. Ask Dr Tech  Need Computer Help? Just Ask Dr. Tech! 

  47. Ask Jeeves  Ask Your Personal Butler a Question 

  48. Ask Oxford  Your Ultimate Guide to Language

  49. Google Groups  At last, Usenet Delivers Upon its Promise, Thanks to Search Facilities

  50. Internet FAQ's  A Huge Pool of Information Within Thousands of Internet FAQs

  51. Opinion World By joining Opinionworld and participating in researches panellists can win Free prizes

  52. Questico  Thousands of Experts Standing by to Answer Your Questions!
  53. Review Centre offers independent reviews and advice written by consumers on all kinds of products and services
  54. Wanna Learn Ask the Question, & Get the Answer, Simple

  55. What Is? Thousands of Definitions of Technology Terms

  56. Which?  Online e-mag of the Famous Publication


  2. Research & Reference Sites


  4. Archive An Archive Of The Internet, Take A Look How Your Favourite Site Used To Look

  5. Around UK People Finder -School Mates, Friends, Family, Even Create a Family Tree

  6. Atlapedia  A Handy Reference Guide of the World
  7. Currency Convertor  Convert Any Currency to Any Currency Fast & Simple
  8. Family Records The Place to Start if Researching Your Families History
  9. History Bookshop -- The History Specialist, Rare & Out of Print Available
  10. Lazy Student  Portal Offering an Amazing Array of Resources
  11. Origins  UK Website Offering Access to British Family Tree Records 
  12. Portico  Official Site of the British Library you can View the Magna Carta
  13. RefDesk  The Best Single Source for Facts on the Net
  14. Review Centre offers independent reviews and advice written by consumers on all kinds of products and services
  15. Route Finders A collection of Free to Use  internet route finders, interactive maps & Travel Guides
  17. Everything Else

  18. Digi Guide Download a Free 30 day trial of the Ultimate TV Guide See every channel in detail on your PC
  19. Lottery  News, Results & Draw Statistics for the UK National Lottery
  20. Maff The Latest News & Advice from the Ministry
  21. my local services Find the best Plumbers, Electricians, Builders and more in your postcode
  22. Navigator Voices Tom Tom 5 Celebrity Voices, change the voice on your PDA or Tom Tom Go to your favourite Celeb
  23. Oxfam Highly Informative Home of the UK Charity
  24. Sight Savers Charity who's goal is to prevent needless sight problems in the worlds poorest countries
  25. Survivor Help For Anyone Who Has Ever or is Experiencing Any Form of Abuse
  26. Time Ticker Get The Exact Time On Your Computer
  27. UK Reading Club Buy, Read, Review, Discuss And debate the latest book releases in the reading club forums
  28. UK TV Guide  Program Listings for All the Channels
  29. World Time Zone  Find the Current Time Anywhere!
  31. The Expedia European sale is now on!

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